Do you know which are the best power tool companies? If not no worries because we will be discussing about power tool companies in our blog. We understood that power tools provide us with the much-needed higher speed, precision, accuracy and versatility.

As users who have the need for any tool’s utility, we initially learn about its uses and the contextual applications of the different types of power tools, we then seek the brands which offer the best product and service. So, in this blog, we shall dive in to find the best brands supplying power tools.

1. Bosch

One of the biggest brands when it comes to continuous innovation of their technologies. Bosch provides the best quality professional power tools ranging from angle girders, power saws and impact drills. Every hardware worker using Bosch tools must try out their BeConnected App. Using the app, it is easier to check for product authenticity, get the right product descriptions and the right tools for the job, check warranty online and let us not forget the coupons and rewards. Bosch is a go-to brand if reliability, ergonomics of use and great customer service are your top priority when it comes to choosing power tools.

2. Pumpkin

Pumpkin Corporation Co., Ltd. is an international tools manufacturer and supplier, specializing in carpentry tools, metalworking power tools and their accessories. A wide range of power tools are available as per application, all at affordable prices. Pumpkin’s rotary hammers and demolition hammers are the most effective when it comes to pounding and chipping away materials like using a powered chisel. Pumpkin as a brand is getting more popular within the construction industry for its best quality power tools.

3. Makita

Makita is a brand that can provide hand tools and power tools alike at great quality and economical prices. Since 1915, it started selling and repairing lighting equipment, motors and transformers, but now they have established itself as one of the top companies which are known for its power tools like cordless blowers and corded pneumatic tools. Designed for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, their tools feature powerful motors and high-quality materials that ensure accuracy in work and efficiency.

4. Taparia

Taparia Group manufactures high-quality hand tools that are economical, safe and efficient. They come with a wide range of products that include pliers, spanners, Allen keys, gear pullers, etc. The tools are known for maintaining their high standard of quality performance. 

5. Eastman

Eastman power tools come with a wide range of products that include electric drills, impact drills, hammer drills, angle grinders, marble cutters, jigsaws, routers, blowers, heat guns, etc. These power tools are made accurately and are sturdy and highly functional. Some of its unique features include superior quality, robust construction and long working life. These tools are mainly used for boring, cutting and drilling purposes.

6. Stanley

Founded in 1843, Stanley initially focused their business on measurement tools. But with time they have carved an identity for themselves as the pioneer of automotive power tools and dust management tools. They invest extensively in research and development to innovate and improve the functionality of their products to match the user’s expectations.

7. Ingco

Being competitors for Bosch, Stanley and Makita is no easy task. But, Ingco with its line of power tools has done an admirable job to compete professionally as the best tool manufacturer and supplier in India. They are well known for their power hammer drills, high-pressure washers with induction motors and carbon brush motor variations. 


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