Hand tools are necessary and are a part of our daily lives. When coming to work related to woodwork, automotive repairs, etc., is only possible with the use of hand tools. Hand tools make the most challenging job easier to complete quickly. 

What are the various hand tools for woodworking?

Below are the various hand tools for woodworking:


Handsaws are saws powered by the user’s force instead of electricity, battery or gas. These saws are commonly used in many trades. Many handsaws are used for many tasks around the houses and gardens. The advantages of these saws are that they are easily portable, consume significantly less storage space and are cheaper than power saws. But, based on completing a task, handsaws consume a lot of time compared to the powered equivalent. 


Workbenches are tables used for doing manual work. There are several work benches ranging from simple flat surfaces to complex designs. Based on the size, workbenches vary from tiny jewellery benches to massive benches utilised by staircase makers. Almost all workbenches are rectangular-shaped. 


The cabinets, table legs and doors have square joints, and hence there is a tool named “square”. Many variations exist in squares, and many seasoned workers use squares of different sizes for different tasks. Some of the courts, such as combination squares, Japanese squares, metal-edged try squares and framing works, are used for many purposes. 

Card scraper

Card papers used to exist before sandpapers. The card papers are thin, small pieces of steel that can be bent with a slight force and pushed or pulled across the wood surface to make it smooth. The smoothing occurs with a tiny burnished hook of the bent metal on the edge of the scraper that’ll slowly wear away and should be bent again. 

What are the various tools for automotive repair?

Mentioned below are the tools for automotive repair:


Pliers are an essential and versatile tool that can be used to remove materials without the need for cutting, making them perfect for a variety of tasks. Different types of pliers are available to suit different situations, ranging from standard pliers to needle nose pliers, pump pliers, hook nose pliers and insulated pliers. No matter the type of task you have in mind, you’re sure to find the right type of plier for your needs.

Hook and pick set

The hook and pick set consists of handy tools to retrieve wires, give access around hoses and pipes, isolate components and assist the technician in other delicate operations. These tools can be helpful in removing materials that are fastened together without damaging the surrounding environment. 

Trolley jack

The trolley jack raises the vehicle from the ground so that you can operate below with enough space. The trolley jacks are needed on sites that don’t have vehicle hoists. They work on hydraulics to raise a car and lower it carefully to avoid damage to the vehicle. Various trolley jacks are available in different capacities. 

What are the best tools for home renovation?

Below are the best tools for home projects such as home renovations:

Quick Grip Clamps

Quick grip clamps are an extremely convenient and easy-to-use tool that is often utilized for a variety of projects, such as installing fixings or demolishing existing features. Thanks to their versatility, they have become the go-to option for many DIYers and professionals alike in order to ensure precise and accurate fittings.

Drywall towels

Drywall towels are an essential product for any homeowner who is looking to do some DIY renovations on their home. They are especially helpful when it comes to taping, bedding, and finishing the drywall walls in your kitchen or any other room in your house. These towels are durable and easy to use, making them a great choice for anyone wanting to take on the task of fixing their own drywalls during their home renovation project.


People should use the best hand tools for woodworking, automotive repair and home renovation in a proper manner. In addition, they should use them safely and apply safety practices to protect themselves from dangers.